Jamie Jewell

Jamie is a JKF 5th Dan Black belt.

Jamie studied and trained in Wing Chun, Judo and Taekwondo before settling for Wado Kai karate in 1987.   Since then Jamie has dedicated himself to…

Graham Leigh

Graham is a 2nd degree black belt with over 45 years martial arts experience. 

Graham started karate at the age of 18 and is also a Senior Instructor with the British Self Defence…

Kieran Jewell

Kieran started training Karate at the age of 3 years.   He later competed nationally and internationally over the years, and gained his 1st Dan black belt in 2010 at the age of 14 in Japan.

Brandon Jewell

Brandon is an international competitor and member of the current Team GB Olympic Taekwondo programme. Prior to moving across to Taekwondo, Brandon was a world medalist in …

Amanda Jewell

Amanda has been heavily involved with Karate for the past 30 years and since 2005 has successfully managed  TKW’s finances, membership and communications. She has a background in accounts and a track record of supporting the day to day finances within several successful businesses.