It is certainly not about winning a fight. It is all about avoiding, defusing or escaping a potentially violent confrontation.

We will not tell that its easy for anybody with a few weeks training to deal with a street assault.   A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing and we will certainly not instil a false sense of confidence in you.

We deal with reality and the reality is that your assailant may be bigger and stronger than you
and additionally may be armed or have accomplices.   


The techniques we teach are simple but effective and designed to cause sufficient pain/discomfort to your attacker to enable your escape.

The emphasis however is always on avoiding the situation in the first place.

We have taken the most practical techniques from all the martial arts we have practiced and
compiled them into a system.

The system comprises techniques from SDF methods, Goshin Jutsu, Karate,Brazilian Ju Jitsu and Rapid Response. The system has been presented to and ratified by Mr Dave Turton (9th Dan) Head of ASMAA.

What courses can you offer?

We can provide a variety of courses for a variety of groups. We have provided everything from a one hour seminar through to a course consisting of six ninety minute classes.

These courses can be tailored for mixed, male or ladies only participants. We also offer a twelve lesson Student Personal Safety Program which leads to our Level 1 Self Defence Practitioner Award.

This qualification has been recognised as a valid component of the Duke of Edinburgh Award for Colleges in the Southampton area.

A typical six week short course would contain the following topics:

What is Self Defence.

The Law and Self Defence

Avoidance Strategies.

Awareness (Colour Code System).

Distance Control (The Fence)

Striking and Kicking techniques

Basic Ground Fighting.

Dealing with strangles, grabs etc.

Street Weapons Awareness.

We can provide this training both to Corporate clients and as Public Courses.